In this play disguised as a cabaret act, Cou-Cou ignites the torch in song as she rolls through her romantic catalogue raisonne. Like Fellini’s Cabiria, she is a character damaged by love, who soldiers on with only a song, a bottle of hooch and an overabundance of mascara to maintain her spirits.  Pour Vous is not just an evening of beautifully rendered songs nor is it quite the satire it may appear at first blush.  Underneath it all, Pour Vous is the heart’s defiant proclamation that, despite a thousand disappointments, the search for true love remains a defining act of the courage and is, perhaps, indeed possible.

The character of Cou-Cou Bijoux came to life in 1998 in collaboration with Katherine Valentine for her acclaimed vaudeville/burlesque show The Va Va Voom Room. Cou-Cou became a stock character with The Va Va Voom Room until 2005 performing at CSV, Show World, The Triad, The Plush Room Cabaret in San Francisco and the beloved Fez under Time Café from 2000-2005.  In 2006 I presented Cou-Cou Bijoux Is Alive…and…well… an original cabaret developed and performed with the Hourglass Group’s Solo Lab at the D-Lounge. Cou-Cou subsequently appeared at The Bubble Lounge in the Magnetic Cabaret, 2009-2010. In 2010 Cou-Cou Bijoux: Pour Vous performed sold out houses at The Lounge at Dixon Place and Galapagos Art Space.  Most recently Cou-Cou has been seen at private parties, benefits and various cabaret nights about town in traditional and non-traditional spaces.

“I found myself uncontrollably screaming “Cou-Cou!” from the balcony. And you can quote me on that, cause its true!!” ~Troy Chatterton

“The city hosts many performers but few burn as bright Miss Cion. Her deep vocals, sharp wit, statuesque figure, fierce personality and watery eyes illuminated her narrative. She galvanized her audience with her presence. I often felt like she was serenading only me.” ~Nicola Yvette Hughes

“Raquel Cion’s husky voiced chanteuse invites you into a demi monde you don’t want to leave!” ~Andrea Kleine

“Cou-Cou Bijoux is literally a jewel! Her performance made the audience cry and laugh almost at a few seconds of separation, this is what I call, “great talent in action.” ~Marisela La Grave

“An open-hearted singer/storyteller in an evening of deeply personal music and luscious singing.” ~Erica Fae

“Raquel’s staggering artistry rends an emotional journey that moves you on so many levels that you are left stunned at the magnificence of  her talent is and how fleeting time is when spent in her character’s magical brace.” ~Hillary Spector

“Cou-Cou never fails to have the audience wrapped around her little finger.” ~Keith Bearden

“Raquel was the one singing the songs and telling the stories, but the vulnerability she expressed was so authentic as to be universal. To paraphrase Roberta Flack, she was “telling our whole lives.” ~ Christina Knight

“Miss Cou-Cou kicks ass on many levels and has the BEST lashes in the business. Oooooh La LA!” ~DJ Crystal Clear

“[Gilding the Lonely] was a unique experience for me – you sang songs, but told stories and in a way that kind of erased the boundary between you and me (as audience member). I certainly could identify. It was like a shared sub or actual consciousness. Jungian?!” ~Christina Knight


Matthew Hennessy